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Pronto 7

Masimo Pronto-7 with sensor

MDEA Gold award

Pronto-7 — with rainbow 4D technology — for noninvasive and quick spot checking of total hemoglobin (SpHb®), SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index

Your Solution for Hemoglobin Spot-Check Testing

patient being monitored by medical professional with Masimo Pronto-7

Traditional invasive lab testing provides delayed results and requires a painful needle stick and time-consuming blood draws.

The Pronto-7 offers noninvasive and quick spot-check testing of total hemoglobin (SpHb), SpO2, pulse rate, and perfusion index, which may provide the following benefits:


  • > Facilitates timely patient assessment
  • > Reduces the need to wait for lab results


  • > Easy-to-use — Improves efficiency
  • > Decreases risk of accidental needle stick and exposure to blood-borne pathogens
  • > Requires no lab consumables or waste disposal


  • > Reduces painful needle sticks and time-consuming blood draws
  • > Enables immediate face-to-face counseling with clinician

Four Simple Steps

front view of Masimo Pronto-7
measuring patient's finger to determine correct Masimo Pronto-7 sensor size

Select sensor size

placing noninvasive Masimo Pronto-7 sensor on patient's finger

Place sensor on finger

performing a spot-check with the Masimo Pronto-7

Press test button

Masimo Pronto-7 showing noninvasive spot-check results

Obtain results
Automatically saved — option to print,
e-mail, or manually record

SpHb Analytical Performance

chart comparing SpHb from Masimo Pronto-7 versus invasive tHb measurements from a laboratory reference device

In 11,335 comparisons of SpHb and invasive hemoglobin (tHb) measurements from a laboratory reference device, SpHb accuracy was as follows:1

  • -0.02 g/dL bias
  • 0.99 g/dL at one standard deviation
  • Between 6 - 12 g/dL, greater than 95% of SpHb readings were within 2 g/dL of the laboratory tHb value
  • Between 12 - 18 g/dL, greater than 95% of SpHb readings were within 2 g/dL of the laboratory tHb value

Please note: These results were obtained in normal sensitivity mode following a specific protocol, in which all Directions for Use were followed and SpHb measurements were compared to validated laboratory reference measurements. Differences in results may be caused by many factors, such as those explained in Masimo’s Directions for Use. Some independent researchers have conducted their own testing and obtained similar results, while other researchers have reported larger differences when comparing SpHb measurements to laboratory tHb measurements.